About Us

Jeff T. Richard began his career in the investment/insurance industry in 1980. Over those years he has represented some of the largest insurance companies in the nation. However, being affiliated with a large corporation and contractual agreements often limited Jeff's ability to provide the best options available to his clients. In 2010, Jeff decided to break free of restrictive corporate limitations to become a self-employed Investment Consultant. Hence, Richard Financial Resources, LLC was born. This career move allows Jeff to bring exceptional products and services to his clients.

Jeff's present business practice remains true by providing quality products from companies that are rated highly by top rating firms. In all cases, Jeff makes recommendations which he would also do for himself or his family if faced with a similar situation. He does his best in providing solutions to preserve and increase your hard-earned dollars. Jeff works to build client relationships based on trust and integrity, always striving to provide the same level of ethical service that he would expect for himself. Richard Financial Resources believes that the best advertising comes from satisfied clients.

You will find Jeff's office to be a place to come for good, solid financial advice. The office is non-assuming but an effective place in which to conduct business. Jeff enjoys visiting with his clients face-to-face and, based upon that conversation and after careful consideration, he is then able to make proposed recommendations.

On a personal note, Jeff grew up on a farm in rural Kieler and is the 5th of 12 children. He knows the value of hard work and a good work ethic. Upon entering high school, he met and later married his high school sweetheart, Linda. With the exception of living in Davenport, Iowa for less than one year as newlyweds, Jeff and Linda have lived in southwest Wisconsin all of their lives. They currently make their home in rural Kieler, Wisconsin. They have four married children and 18 grandchildren. Jeff and Linda are active in their community and church and are also involved with the Southwest Wisconsin Christian Experience Weekends (CEWs). They enjoy spending time with family and friends. You will often see Jeff enjoying his favorite sport on many of the local golf courses. He also enjoys a good game of cards - either Euchre or Solo. Linda is a part-time seamstress and takes pleasure in do-it-yourself projects and gardening but her favorite pastime is caring for all of those grandchildren.

As I see it....a small acorn grows into a mighty oak tree. Like an acorn, many things we do start as small beginnings and grow into large things. In business and in life, we have to start our journey; that journey starts with our first step in the direction of our goals. Our first step may be small, but that step is the start of our journey. Over time our small steps become a large stride which turns into a mighty sprint.

A mighty oak tree takes time to grow. The same for success. You have to plant the seeds of success and give them time to grow.

2009, Lou Ludwig, Sales and Management Consultant Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author