Areas of Expertise

Jeff at Richard Financial Resources, LLC works diligently as an Investment Consultant to provide sound financial solutions for all phases of life. Your uniqueness is the key ingredient to a successful strategy. It is our commitment to provide real-world advice, planning, high quality products and personal service to each client in a relaxed, small-town atmosphere. Here at Richard Financial Resources, we offer top-quality companies (as rated by well-known rating firms such as Morningstar and A.M. Best) which is extremely important in today's economic environment. Our firm can be of assistance with any of your financial needs including (but not limited to) the following:

  • The best time to start financial planning is when you are a young adult or a couple just starting out. T his age group has the opportunity to allow time, money and the miracle of compounding interest work for them. This is also the best time to develop healthy savings habits.
  • Introduce no-load investment opportunities to your portfolio - which is what the vast majority of consumers prefer.
  • Offer innovative ideas to transfer wealth from one person to another on the most favorable tax basis (i.e. farm property or other family-owned business.)
  • See that your family will have money to cover debts and burial expenses should you meet an early demise. Learn how this same product - life insurance - if placed with a quality company, can provide you with living benefits as well.
  • Assure that you and your family can continue with daily living expenses in case of a partial or total disability.
  • Retirement plans that minimize taxes and maximize income flow to last for your entire life.
  • Utilize inheritance monies or other large sums of money wisely.
  • Provide long-term care coverage to preserve your life-long assets from nursing home costs.
  • Give your child or grandchild an immediate financial head-start.
  • Allow your successful business to prosper. Business owners have special, individualized needs. Jeff can help your business goals come to fruition. He can also design a plan for future transfer. Jeff can show you how to protect your business or you and/or your business partner(s) in the event of an untimely death or disability.

Come and see for yourself how we are different and what a difference we can make in your financial plan.