Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is an investment that allows a group of investors to pool their money and hire a portfolio manager. The manager invests this money (the fund’s assets) in stocks, bonds or other investment securities (or a combination of stocks, bonds and securities). The fund manager then continues to buy and sell stocks and securities according to the style dictated by the fund’s prospectus.

There are many reasons to buy a mutual fund. While there are many investment options, a mutual fund can offer a simple, efficient way to invest for retirement, education or other financial goals. Mutual funds are perhaps the easiest and least stressful way to invest in the market.

Before you invest in any mutual fund however, you should read the fund's prospectus and, if you have additional questions, talk to Jeff at Richard Financial Resources, LLC to make sure you understand the mutual fund's multiple share class structure and corresponding expenses (including on-going expenses) on each class of share, conversion terms and volume discounts associated with the various classes of fund shares. By educating yourself about your rights and obligations, you take the first step toward safeguarding your investment interests and actively contributing in the process of achieving your financial objectives.

Disclosure: Fund share prices fluctuate in accordance with market and economic conditions, therefore, mutual fund investments are not guaranteed.